New Experience #1, Mega Reformed

My new experiences have gotten off to a somewhat shaky start due to the second polar vortex of the season. (Seriously, when did polar vortexes? vortices? become a thing? And all of a sudden we’ve had two?) Consequently, my planned first outing – the Yellow Ribbon Fund’s trivia night at Walter Reed – was postponed. Which I suppose was probably not the worst thing considering I also got sidelined by a wicked flu/cold vortex that swept through work last week.

Speaking of which, this seems like an opportune time to pause and note that, if we are ever faced with post-apocalyptic conditions along the lines of those in the Hunger Games, Divergent, or Revolution, I’m pretty much screwed. If my lack of any discernible camping, hunting, or farming skills doesn’t put me on the wrong end of the survival of the fittest spectrum (really, giving the stink-eye tops my list of non-desk-job skills), my susceptibility to allergies and colds, and the inevitable sinus infections that follow, probably will. I suppose I could devote some of my 100 experiences to developing survival skills, but, really, I’d hate to do that only to be taken out by rogue sinuses.

Anyway, I digress. In addition to solidifying plans for various future events and activities (a note to you competitive types, my friend Katie is a strong contender for partner-in-crime MVP. Go, Katie! Go, Katie!), I did manage to check off (cue fanfare) EXPERIENCE NO. 1!!! Out of 100.

On Saturday, I went to an open house for Sculpt Studio – a new Pilates reformer studio in Bethesda. For those who are unfamiliar, a reformer is a…well, a contraption, really…that  Continue reading


Zero down, 100 to go

Here we go. Inspired by Little Merry Sunshine, I’ve decided to challenge myself to have 100 new experiences in 2014(ish). First step? A blog, naturally. To document my adventures, and also to keep me honest, motivated, what have you. (I’ve found that fear of public shaming is a great motivator.) Based on my initial efforts to get the blog up and running, I imagine that the blog itself will be quite the learning experience. I hope that it will become more sophisticated with time (or at the very least more visually appealing) but I make no promises (seriously, anyone who wants to donate some of their artistic talent and/or technological know-how, please please please do). Also, a note about the name: for the record, in spite of my initial consideration and rejection of spelling pussykat with a ‘k,’ you would be surprised how many blogs are, apparently, named some variation of whatsnewpussycat. My first name starts with a k (no, not katherine, which would be more appropriate, but you can’t have everything, can you), I have two cats, and this is all about the new, so…there you have it.

Second step? A plan. As I contemplate how to accomplish my goal, I can’t help but be reminded of something that my friend Sarah is fond of saying: “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”  (Always followed by pantomiming the slow, methodical chewing of a biiiig bite.) To help wrap my head around it, I’ve calculated that roughly eight experiences a month, plus an extra four along the way, will get me there. So, given that it’s already mid-January and I’m just getting started, I’m well on my way. Obviously.

I’ve also mulled over some general guidelines. Rule #1? I get to change up the rules whenever I want. Ha. Really, I’m an equal mix of excited and anxious about challenging myself to do new things, some of which have been on my bucket list for a while (see, e.g., trapeze school), some of which aren’t yet a sparkle in my eye. But I don’t want the goal, or the stress of achieving it, to overshadow the experiences. Also, I need to be realistic about time and money.  For instance, there are a lot of things I’d love to do, but take a number of weeks to complete, like coaching Girls on the Run, taking a performance dance class, or doing a 200-hour yoga training. Also, as much as I’d love to, it just isn’t in my budget to travel to Ireland, take multiple trips for yoga retreats or various races, meet up with friends in West Coast wine country, AND see Britney’s Vegas Show (don’t judge — it would be a.m.a.z.e.b.a.l.l.s. fact.) all in the same year.

Mainly at this point I’ve identified various categories for expansion, growth, exploration, etc., including travel, cooking, volunteering, culture, and fitness (to start) and am going to jump in and see where it goes. Also, I’ll be looking for some good partners in crime along the way (Note: NOT an open invitation to randos), and am curious about what suggestions that any of you who care to follow along might have. That about covers it for now.

First up, volunteering at a trivia night for service members sponsored by The Yellow Ribbon Fund next Tuesday. Stay tuned…