I’m so Fancy – the Art Wall. Experience 56.

A friend’s Facebook posts about 20×200 and the site’s images of hip zippy art walls inspired me to tackle the blank hallway wall that has been mocking me since I moved into my place four years ago.

An art wall! It will be fun! It will be easy! I can do it on the cheap! It will be fancy!

Using a canvas painted by my Great Grandmother Sinback as the focal point,


I found three complementary prints from 20×200 (Art! Really pretty affordable!).

art wall.pelicanart wall.blueart wall.stairs
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Even when tutus are involved, Flash is the coolest super hero. Fact. Experiences 53-54.

It was only a matter of time. When tutu-gate recently sparked intense debate over, among other things, who would and would not run a race wearing a tutu, I thought to myself, “I would. I would totally wear a tutu.”

Enter LoziLu, an all-women’s mud run, and repeat partners-in-crime, Katie and Briana.

LoziLu was my seventh mud/obstacle race (two Warrior Dashes, a Rebel Race, two Down n’ Dirtys, and a Tough Mudder), but the first event that I ran in costume.

Yes, my costume involved a tutu, but not just a tutu. A tutu-wearing super hero, which is so.much.better. Obviously.

After considering the finest graphic superhero Ts that Target had to offer, I settled on Green Lantern (Katie chose Superman; Briana, the Flash). Continue reading

Run, Pussykat, Run! Experience … wait for it … 50! Fiddy! 50!

This year’s Smithsonian Folklife Festival – an annual cultural celebration during the weeks leading up to July 4th – featured China and Kenya. Along with the traditional food, music, arts, and crafts, the Kenyan exhibit offered daily fun runs with Kenyan runners.

How often do you get to run with a Kenyan Olympian? Exactly.

The festival and runs took place on the National Mall, which is conveniently located just steps from my office. Which also meant that, for a mid-morning work-day run I needed to recruit a partner-in-crime from outside my usual pool of suspects. I enthusiastically recruited co-worker and sometime running buddy, Peter. Who in turn recruited another co-worker, Greg (who runs so fast that he seems like a Kenyan to me). The three of us met on a fine sunny and hot Tuesday morning at the designated festival corner. And waited. And commented on how the festival was suspiciously empty.

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