In Ireland! Day One, Kilkenny Edition.

I’m trying this whole posting on-the-go thing. Please excuse any typos, etc.

Experience 61. I’m in Ireland! My 1/4-homeland! The trip over was fairly uneventful, aside from being jolted awake at midnight (or 5am Irish time) for “dinner.” I’ll note that I was asleep INSIDE MY INFINITY SCARF CAVE when someone shoved me and the flight attendant tried to get me to make a meal choice. Instead I slung a stink eye in her direction, but without my glasses, I was groggy, blind, and tangled in my scarf cave, so it’s hard to say where it landed. Also, to the genius who decided that chicken curry was a good dinner option? Here’s a very special virtual stink eye just for you.

Experience 62. I drove on the left! It’s wild. (Note to the Parents Pussykat: my driving is not wild. I am driving as much like a grandma as ever.)


Experiences 63-65

-Lunch at a pub called Matt the Millers (so far my meal choices have essentially been cream, cream, and a side of butter. ugh.).


-A jaunt around Kilkenny Castle and Castle Park.


Where I met sweet Fergie the Jack Russell Terrier (named after a beloved Manchester United manager or the like).


Fergie likes to chase squirrels and cats and carry sticks.

-A climb up seven teeny tiny flights of ladder type stairs (121 steps total!) to reach the top of St. Canice’s 1,021 year old round tower (I did not pay sufficient attention when we passed the tower on the way into the cathedral. If I had I’m not sure I would have been quite so excited about the twofer tower climb/cathedral tour special. It wasn’t for the faint of heart but the 360 views were spectacular. The cathedral was also pretty spectacular.


Now at long last I think we can safely go to bed and avoid the worst of jet lag. Off to Killarney tomorrow!


One thought on “In Ireland! Day One, Kilkenny Edition.

  1. Ireland is gorgeous! Like you, I’m a little more than 1/4 Irish and I too rented a car over there! It is a different experience that’s for sure! Are you going to be in Dublin at all? If you are, you MUST check out St. Michans Church. It’s kind of a hidden gem that we found and it was one of our favorite parts of the trip. It was founded in 1095 and has a few mummified corpses in the crypt below that you can look at! It’s amazing!
    Have the best time on the Emerald Isle!!

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