In Ireland! Day Four, Galway Edition

Another rainy day in Eire, but mostly of the misty variety. Although our base for the next couple of days will be Limerick, we spent the bulk of today in Galway (73) and will do another day trip excursion tomorrow (stay tuned…).

Galway has a lot going on and a lot of variety. To start, there is a quaint bustling marketplace filled with shops, restaurants, and pubs. We kicked off our visit with lunch at The Quays Pub and Restaurant (74), which I recommend if you ever find yourself in Galway.


Plus, the quay and the Spanish Arch (75), where a street musician played today, safely out of the rain:


I also found a handy pedestrian and bicycle bridge tucked behind the train and bus station:


Ever the explorer, I am always on the hunt for a bathroom, or the toilet, as they simply and boldly say in Europe…I was pleased to find several that I thought were especially well marked while out and about, although I did wonder why the signs also pointed out offices…


Yep, can’t get much past these eagle eyes of mine… (Don’t worry….I figured it out in time. And fortunately easily and quickly thereafter found the best spot for bathrooms in any city: the department store.)

My big purchase of the day was the latest book by an Irish author I really like.


I’ve been waiting for the latest installment in this series for a while. I scooped it up a whole 3 days before it is released in the states. Impressive, I know. Especially since I likely won’t start reading it until I’m back in the U.S. … a week from now.

Oh, there was one other purchase. Today I finally bought my Irish burner phone (76) (is it bad to call them burner phones? Are burner phones ever not criminal?). I likely spent more on the phone and minutes than I would have on the Verizon global plan…especially because I’m now convinced that no one will actually call or text me on it. But after my ongoing battles with all things Verizon lately I just couldn’t stomach doing their global plan…which seemed to have the potential for a lot of undisclosed costs. So there, Verizon. I will just waste my money elsewhere. Specifically, at Tesco. In Ireland. #winning.

Today wrapped up with dinner in Limerick, where, I have to confess, I caved. I’ve tried to be in Ireland and do as the Irish do…or eat as the Irish eat. But my aversion to most things meat has made it a challenge. After multiple days of cream covered seafood, or cream covered veggies, or cream covered oatmeal (ok that one’s delicious), or fried fish, or French fries….I broke. I admit it. I ate at a Japanese restaurant. I had a gingery veggie pan-fried noodle dish and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. I know I know. I’m a traitor to my 1/4 homeland.

Back to potatoes tomorrow, I promise.


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