In Ireland! Day Five, Cliffs of Moher Edition

Today was a full day, and very Cliffs of Moher-centric.

The Cliffs are just over an hour from Limerick, the last bit on tight winding roads. Which I now handle like a pro. A grandma pro. Just ask the line of cars that queued up behind me. Ah well. We made it in one piece and that’s the important thing.

We managed to meet up with some other friends who are traipsing about Ireland and amassed quite a crew of partners-in-crime — Wayne, June, Judy, and Randy (aka the Seely PICs), plus Sara and me.

We started with a Cliffs of Moher ferry ride from Doolin. It hadn’t even occurred to me that there was a way to check things out from the water, but thanks to the crack research skills of the Seely PICs we got in on that action.

As a preview we were able to check out the cliffs from “beach-side.” Although the Cliffs were incredible, the main attraction was the beach itself — at low tide, a collection of virtual puzzle pieces of rock. Like an enormous beautiful natural sculpture with bonus tide water pools.


77. Then on to the ferry ride. Where we first took small boats out to the ferry (the blue and white one).


Then took and hour long tour about the base of the Cliffs (the pictures really don’t do it justice).


Next we stopped for a bite in a nearby pub. Where, I’m happy to report, I made up for last night’s Japanese dinner diversion by enjoying my first legitimate Irish meal — the Guinness beef stew (78).


I didn’t eat much of the beef but the veggies and broth were delicious!

After lunch Sara and I said goodbye to the Seely PICs (until we reconvene in Dublin in a couple of days) and headed to …

79. the top of the Cliffs of Moher. The sun finally made an appearance and the Cliffs and surrounding landscapes were truly breathtaking, although, again, I’m not sure the pictures do it justice.


But I did have the opportunity to work on my scenic photo jaunty head tilt:


I don’t want to brag or anything but I think I’m pretty awesome at it.

80. After a delightful, head-tilting, scenic cliff-topping good time complete with gift shop soft serve ice cream cones, we stopped at the nearby Clare Jam Shop for some tasty (we hope) Irish … you guessed it … Jams.

81. Upon our return to Limerick, we met up with a new PIC, Julie, for a couple of pints and a bite to eat at a lovely gastro pub, The Locke, which is near our hotel. It is charming and warm, and features live (and lively) Irish music and delicious food. I had my first ever pint of Murphy’s Irish red beer. Super exciting, I know.

We haven’t yet mapped out our plan for tomorrow, but we start to make our way back to Dublin, where a whole new crop of PICs will be joining us in adventures and shenanigans.


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