In Ireland! Day Seven, Dublin Edition Part One

It must be Thursday (for two minutes more at the time of this writing). PIC Sara and I know this only because today is the day we met up with the rest of our PIC crew as planned — Lynn, Drew, and Carol. The Seely PICs (Wayne, June, Randy, Judy) of Cliffs of Moher cruise fame (or infamy?) also arrived in Dublin today, so the gang’s all here.

87. First stop, Delaney’s, a late addition to Lynn’s “Grand List of Pubs to Visit in Ireland.”


Delaney’s does not appear on Lynn’s carefully and impressively labeled map,


but our airbnb apt host recommended it for its fine Guinness and toasted ham and cheese sandwiches. He did not steer us wrong.

88. In fact, Delaney’s was the site of my first Irish Guinness and my first full pint of Guinness ever. (I know! I’ve never really liked it, but it honestly wasn’t so bad today.)

89. Sufficiently fortified, we moved on to our tour of the Old Jameson Distillery.


We learned all about how humble barley from the South of Ireland grows up to become Jameson whiskey. If you want more detail, you will have to ask one of my more studious tour-mates. To be honest the fact I remember most clearly is that the Jamesons had dozens of cats to keep the bags of barley free of mice and rats, and they rewarded their hard workers with bowls of milk at the end of each day.


No, the cat isn’t real — it was part of the tour display. And in case you are wondering, yes, maybe I did sneak away from one part of the tour to go back to take a better picture of the cat. And it was totally worth it.

The other highlight was being selected as an official whiskey taster at the conclusion of the tour. Okay, maybe not so much selected as raised my hand before the guide finished his sentence asking for volunteers. Our group of PICs may or may not have accounted for more than half of the total volunteer tasters as a result. Also totally worth it. We got certificates and everything. (Is it wrong that I am equally as excited about the tube that holds the certificate as about the certificate itself?)


90. We had a fabulous dinner at Oscar’s cafe bar, chosen mainly for its proximity to our apt when jet lag hit our latest arrivals like a freight train.

91. Once the others turned in for some much needed sleep after powering through the day and time change post-red eye flights, Sara and I made our way to McDaid’s pub in the Temple Bar district, where we met up with the Seely PICs for a pint and some non-Irish live guitar classics played by Judy’s friend.

And just like that I’m in sight of my 100 experience goal. Being in Ireland makes it almost too easy though. Lots more slated for tomorrow and the next couple of days as well.


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