In Ireland! Day Eight, Dublin Edition Part Two

Another day in Dublin, another batch of pubs.

In our defense we did attempt to start the day with straight up culture (aka kulture) by going to Trinity College so we could see the library and Book of Kells. However a very cute charming curly blonde Irish college student told us it would be better to come back later when the line wasn’t as long. He did encourage us to pay the additional 2 Euro to take the tour when we returned — just 2 Euro more than seeing the library and Book sans tour. None of us were particularly pro-tour but after talking to the cute charming lad, I for one seriously considered it. He was just that cute and charming. Then I remembered that he was born sometime well after I graduated college, which is decidedly less cute and charming.

So we did a bit of shopping then stopped by McDaid’s where Sara and I met the Seely PICs last night. The return visit gave me the chance to snap some pics which I didn’t do before.


92. The second pub of the day was the Stag’s Head, where we had a delicious lunch with (again! hooray!) some solid veggie options. I fell down on the job and didn’t take any pictures of the pub except for this creepy fox that watched us eat lunch


93. Then we returned to Trinity College and the exquisitely intricate Book of Kells and glorious library (no tour), which were both amazing. I’ve never seen anything like either. I also can’t imagine that anything in recent history comes close to being a modern day equivalent (it’s not like anyone will be queuing up in 2000 years to see the oldest Kindle in the historic Amazon marketplace).


94. Next, off to the Temple Bar district and the pep rally in advance of tomorrow’s Penn State vs. UCF game. Just us and 10,000 of our closest friends.


95. We wrapped up the day with a happy hour at the Gin Palace, where I was able to meet up with some of my favorite and most long-standing partners-in-crime, Rich, Everett, Mark, and Kimberly. It was also great to see PICs Dan and Sharon for the first time in a good long while plus many more friends new and old … about 40 or so total. I don’t want to brag but I’m pretty sure we made the Gin Palace’s day.


I know, I know. We don’t look like we had any fun at all.

Game day tomorrow!


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